The Exciting link between Kabbalah and Art

The purpose of the site is to introduce the visitor to the exciting link between Kabbalah and Art. Feel free to browse through the art galleries on the website, if you have queries and would like to contact Abigail then click here.

Click on the link below and a recent clip of the Simcha program on SABC will come up, my interview is the second one on the clip after a first interview with a Rabbi.

“A chaotic world stands before us as long as we have not attained to that degree of higher perfection of uniting all life forces and all their diverse tendencies. As long as each one exalts herself, claiming, I am sovereign, I and none other – there cannot be peace in our midst… All our endeavours must be directed toward disclosing the light of general harmony, which derives not from suppressing any power, any thought, any tendency, but by bringing each of them within the vast ocean of light infinite, where all things find their unity, where all is ennobled, all is exalted, all is hallowed.”

My Art

These paintings represent the Jewish Mystical Tradition. The battle between good and evil, the omnipresence of G-d, the divine mystery of our universe, the shining seraphim flying between heaven and earth, the union of soul and world, the unification between the masculine element with the Shekhinah. All these wonderful concepts and philosophies will help the viewer to have a glimpse into the invisible realms of the spiritual universe.

The paintings enable the viewer to have a visual understanding of important religious and spiritual precepts, which are a common underlying theme of all creeds and cultures. By drawing upon these ancient religious and archetypal sources it is possible to illustrate the basic oneness in the universe and the unity in all things.

This article on Abigail’s Holocaust paintings appears in the Pesach 2015 edition of the “Jewish Affairs” magazine. It is written by the art historian Uta Ben Yosef and is titled “Revealing Invisible Realms of the Spiritual Universe: The Art of Abigail Sarah Bagraim”.

To read click on this link and then go to page 27, the article is on pages 27 to 35

Original or Print Orders

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