Mystery of Birth-Descent of the Soul


Before the soul arrives on the physical plane, it is already a separate spiritual entity made up of a combination of a variety of Sefirot from various worlds. The soul is therefore a complex make up of a combination of Sefirot. When the soul connects with the body there is a risk that the soul may choose the evil path. Therefore, Creation itself is a risk.

The soul is beyond spirit and intellect and cannot be defined as any kind of substance. Adin Steinsaltz explains the soul as “a continuous line of spiritual being, stretching from the general source of all the souls to beyond the specific body of a particular person.” The soul is not a solitary point in space nor a solitary existence with one or other quality or character. It has many existences on many spiritual levels. It is the soul which gives life to the body and is the vital being which characterises the individual person.

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