The Star


Rabbi Nachman explains: “The best time to seclude yourself to pray is at night, when everyone is asleep. Ideally you should go to a place outside the city and follow a solitary path somewhere that people don’t go even in the daytime. Empty your heart and your whole consciousness of all your involvements in the everyday world. Then work to nullify all of your character traits, one after the other, until in the end you nullify all sense of self completely. First work on one character trait, then another and another, until you reach the point where you are free of any self-centredness and any sense of independent existence.

You must be as nothing in your own eyes. Then you will be worthy of attaining true self-nullification and your soul will be merged with its root. The whole universe will be merged with you in your source. You and everything with you will be merged in the Unity of G-d.

How good is it to pray to G-d and meditate in the meadows amidst the grass and the trees. When a man [woman] goes out to the meadows to pray, every blade of grass, every plant and flower enter his [her] prayers and help him [her], putting strength and force into his [her] words.”

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