Kabbalah - The Zohar

Jewish mysticism has based itself upon the Zohar, which is a mystical commentary on the Bible. The purpose of the Zohar is to find in the Bible the secrets of the universe: the mysterious truth about G-d, the soul, heaven and creation. The main theme of the Zohar is that our ordinary earthly world is a mere reflection of a higher spiritual world in heaven. The lower world is seen as patterned after the upper world, with both worlds interacting and affecting one another. According to the Zohar, G-d in fact needs the assistance of men and women to make earth a better place, a place more like heaven.

The Zohar is an immense work arranged in the form of a commentary on the Torah. It is a mosaic of Bible, midrash, medieval homily, fiction and fantasy. Its central theme is the interplay of human and divine realities. Its language is a peculiar brand of Aramaic that breaks the rules of grammar and invents words. It has a wonderful poetic element that with sparkling images and colours explains the deepest secrets of one’s being.

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