Divine Unity


All people have a unique national essence, a particular contribution to make to sustain the order of the world. Each group of people has its own essence which it is obliged to perfect. The essence expresses itself in a variety of national characteristics. Each group of people has its own language, its own food, its own dress, and its own land. They should therefore have the freedom to express these characteristics. Each group of people should be granted national self-determination. The suppression of one people by another is a violation of the “natural order”. Genocide perverts the order of Creation. The attempt of members of one people to assimilate the mannerisms peculiar to any other people is a violation of the “natural order”.

Everyone has history, and historical experience is part of his or her reality. This is an obvious reason why people should not attempt to force their individual religious beliefs onto one another and should rather attempt to come to an understanding and appreciation of the religions of others and thereby together participate in the ascent towards the divine light, each in one’s own particular way. In the latter regard it is in fact theorised that if one strays away from the path of one’s own religion, your will surely return eventually as otherwise you will not find any rest. As Rav Kook says:
“But if he should detach himself from his source, and stray to draw his water from other wells not substantively appropriate for him, he will wander from sea to sea, from one river to another to the end of the earth, but he will find no rest. A person who wanders away from his place is like a bird that strays its nest.”

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