Imaginary Scene of the World Beyond 1


As the person is about to die, he/she has the most extraordinary visions. He/she sees his/her relatives and friends who had passed on previously and now reside in the next world. This time of a dying person’s vision is at his/her best and he/she can recognize all his/her dead relatives just as he/she saw them while they were still alive. If the dying person is virtuous then all his/her dead friends and relatives will celebrate with him/her and address him/her in a rejoicing fashion. However, if he/she is evil, then only the wicked will appear before him/her and they wail and moan with the dying person. When the soul actually leaves the body, the spirits of his/her relatives and friends will escort him/her to the Next World and let it see the abode where it will live, either to delight in Paradise or to endure chastisement.

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