The Circle of Eternity


The Kabbalists believe that a person’s soul is an echo of G-d. In the kingdom of a person’s soul there are processes going on which are the exact counterpart of those going on in the upper world. The Kabbalah helps the individual push aside the veils in order to see the G-dhead more clearly. The Zohar describes the journey of an unblemished soul which has returned to G-d:

“Â… And when such a soul departs from this world, pure, bright, unblemished, the Holy One, be blessed, daily causes her to shine with a host of radiances Â… A palace which is known as the Palace of Love sits amidst a vast rock, a most secret firmament. Here in this palace the treasures of the King are kept and all his kisses of love. Every soul loved by the Holy One, be blessed, enters into that palace Â… The Lord discerns each holy soul, and taking each in turn to Himself, embraces and fondles her Â… presenting her with gifts.”

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