Vel d’Hiv Memorial, Paris

Vel d’Hiv Memorial, Paris


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On 16 and 17 July 1942 Paris polic, acting under the direction of the Nazi authority, rounded up 10 000 Jewish men, women and children and herded them to the winter stadium of the Vel d’Hiv bicycle velodrome in preparation for their transport to Auschwitz by train. In 1994 a memorial, conceived by the architect Mario Azagury and the sculptor Walter Spitzerto, was erected at this gathering place to commemorate this appalling event and as a constant reminder of French complicity, .

Abigail’s painting is an appeal to the viewer’s participation and involvement in this historical calamity. She has displayed the monument of the deportees with the outline of a mother next to it, accompanied by her infant and an older son who is wearing the yellow star. Abigail is seated nearby in a lotus position, meditating whilst facing and engaging the viewer in the scene. The universe above is in great disturbance, connecting with the scene. Falling angels plunge headlong from the sky onto the velodrome. Lilith, the archetype of destruction, hovers next to the Eiffel tower encircled by a cluster of ravens, harbingers of death. Abigail appears weeping on the other side, encircled within a mandala.

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