Tree of Life 5


The Sefirot are seen as bright clouds, which conceal the inner kavod. The Sefirot as bright clouds have a double function. On the one hand they prevent us visualizing the Divine, but on the other hand they make visible what is actually invisible. The Sefirot have infinite qualities and each has its own specific characteristics and function and even though they are divine they have limits because they exist in time. The Sefirot were personalized even though they are shrouded in mystery, as was explained by Adin Steinsaltz in ‘Thirteen Petalled Rose’:

“To say that the First Sefirah, Keter (“crown”), is the basic divine will and also the source of all delight and pleasure, only touches the surface. As is true with Hokhmah (“wisdom”), which is intuitive, instantaneous knowledge, while Binah (“understanding”) tends more to logical analysis. Daat (“knowledge”) is different from both, being not only the accumulation or the summation of that which is known, but a sort of eleventh Sefirah-belonging and yet not belonging to the ten. Hesed (“grace) is thus the fourth Sefirah and is the irrepressibly expanding impulse, or Gedulah (“greatness”), of love and growth. Gevurah (“power”) is restraint and concentration, control as well as fear and awe; while Tiferet (“beauty”) is the combination of harmony, truth, and compassion. Netzah (“eternity”) is conquest or the capacity for overcoming; Hod (“splendor”) can also be seen as persistence or holding on; and yesod (“foundation”) is, among other things, the vehicle, the carrier from one thing or condition to another. Malkhut (“kingdom”), the tenth and last Sefirah is, besides sovereignty or rule, the word and the ultimate receptacle.”

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