Jewish memorial at Grosse-Hamburger Strasse, Berlin

Jewish memorial at Grosse-Hamburger Strasse, Berlin

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In the centre of Berlin, not far from the Great Synagogue in Oranienburger Strasse, is a small bronze monument that commemorates the Jews who were herded to the Sammelplatz (collecting place) and put onto the trains to the death camps.

Each of the figures is isolated, unaware of their fate but full of fear and foreboding. In the painting they stand on the pebbles placed there in their memory by passers-by. Abigail stands behind them holding a rose in each hand as a tribute to the figures and those they represent. Their souls are transformed into butterflies in the sky and angels within a protea-shaped enclosure. A phoenix, a symbol of transformation, hovers between the angels and the turbulent universe.

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