Where to after Auschwitz ll ?

Where to after Auschwitz ll ?


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This painting repeats the motif of the previous painting, but here the colours in the foreground are heightened, exuding more warmth. The orphaned girl in the foreground has just taken the bold step of venturing out of the camp into the verdant nature of the outside world. She is surrounded by the beauty of nature. Butterflies rotating around her represent the spiritual forms of the departed members of her family who she is leaving behind, but who spiritually accompany her as she sets out on her journey into the unknown. The cold and snow of the camp end at the boom through which she has departed. Tattered and emaciated as she is, she is not alone and the future is bright and beautiful.

The scene of Auschwitz that she has left behind is stark and foreboding. The empty houses with their Renaissance arches are rendered in the style of Pittura Metafisica. A human skull looms within the face of the sun that has just risen, evoking the ominous insignia of the Totenkopf (death’s head), which the Nazi SS and the German Einsatzgruppen death squads used on their uniforms.

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